The excursions are organized by Etna Republic guide group which is led by the Volcanological guide F. Ciancitto. Their base point is established at the Santa Barbara Refuge, located at about 1800m above sea level in the heart of Piano Vetore, at the foot of the summit craters of Etna. The guides are qualified and regularly enrolled to the Collegio Regionale delle Guide Alpine e Vulcanologiche della Sicilia, the only professional figures recognized by the Italian authorities for guiding groups in ascents and tours on volcanoes (Law January 2, 1989, n.6 and subsequent Regional Law n.28 of 06/04/1996).

Below you can find a selection of tours. Our guides are available to understand and tailor the best route suited to your needs, from high ascents to Hikes for families.

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Summit craters

The Central Crater visit is the main goal of the great travelers.
From the top of the Etna, regardless of which tour, you will be amazed by the unique contrasts of the bowels of the volcano and the landscape of the entire coast.
“I had never seen God so close and, therefore, never so great and majestic”


Bove Valley

The Bove Valley is an enormous horseshoe-shaped collapse caldera (a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses) and is one of the richest areas in the history of volcano evolution.
The descent in the valley is unique and exciting because it takes place on a long and steep slope covered by volcanic ashes, on which you proceed in leaps and bounds always accompanied by the shining sea.


Mid-altitude ascents

The Etna may look like a mountain but it always shows its character everywhere. Woods and lavas chase each other, adorning the human artifacts of the ancient generations.


E-Bike Tours

Mountain Bike excursions in the name of sport and nature. Our E-MTB, are equipped with assisted pedaling so that anyone can enjoy the landscapes and trails of the volcano, riding with a minimal effort.

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