Locanda Milia

Volcanoes have always aroused strong and unique emotions.
The Sicilian ones : Vulcano, Stromboli and Etna are unmissable stops for those who want to experience new sensations by reaching ever higher peaks.
Majestic, imposing and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013, Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. Its eruptions and lava flows enchant scientists and visitors from all over the world.
Hiking along the Etna park's trails is a must for any traveller, through verdant forests and orchards, up to the highest altitudes with fascinating moonscapes and centuries-old lava flows.

Comfort & Relax

Locanda Milia Le Camere
Locanda Milia Le Camere
Locanda Milia Le Camere
At an altitude of 1497m a.s.l. stands the Locanda Milia relais, which among centuries-old chestnut forests and wilderness will welcome you to the heart of Milia, a place named for the varied apple specialties that grow in the area.

Following the lava flows, in 2002, the Milia woods is considered the last remaining “green lung”, together with the Monte Vetore pine forest, on Etna's southern slope. These places have to be safeguarded for the immense variety of vegetation and wild animals. It was precisely the love for nature and its preservation that prompted the founders to create a project to share this mission while promoting "made in Etna" through hospitality.

The project with the name “Locanda Milia” is realised in a fine location, surrounded in the woods with a meticulous and refined design.
The inn's (translation of Locanda) vocation is the typical “Sicilian hospitality” which can be noticed by the guest in all the details of the facility, in the service of the qualified staff, in the refined menù... all accompanied by an extraordinary selection of local wines left to decant in the old winery with a temperature controlled by nature.

The relais Locanda Milia offers a unique location, thought for travelers who wish to experience the nature without having to compromise all the Hotel comforts.

Spending a holiday in Sicily to discover Etna, thanks also to the exclusive excursion service, reserved for guests.


"U pagghiàru" was the first mountain refuge of the ancient inhabitants of this slope of Etna.
It is a very ancient type of Mediterranean dwelling of protohistoric derivation: it was first built in isolation and immediately afterwards as a dwelling unit of the primitive prehistoric or protohistoric village. In some trails, you can still admire this type of architecture, which is as ancient as it is modern (20/30 mins walking distance from the property)

We look forward to meeting you, not as tourists but as guests.
Ristorante Milia